The Memory Keepers Daughter

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The Memory Keepers Daughter

Racism in our society has been a character trait that many of us today still

wonder what must be going through people’s minds to think that they are better or it’s

okay to disrespect people who are not like themselves. We as people are in general very

bias even if you don’t mean to be, you can be bias to the types of foods that you prefer, or

to people who may or may not have mental illnesses. Truth be told know body is normal

or perfect each and every one of us have our flaws, insecurities and concerns. Racism has

been around for centuries way back to when the pharos of Egypt would look down to

anybody who wasn’t royal or was well respected like they where, to when the Europeans

started to set sail and discovered Africa and started to capture the Africans and sell them

for profit or make them work under hard conditions without any rewards or respect to

when Adolph Hitler though that anybody else that didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes

also know as the Arian race where not meant to be on this earth and the only way to get

rid of them was to try and kill them all. Just like in “The Memory Keepers Daughter” by

Kim Edwards when David Henry gave up his daughter Phoebe without letting his wife no

just because she had a disability and from his previous experiences with his very own

sister having a disability he wanted to prevent his wife and other child from having to go

through the same thing that his mom and him had to go through. And when Caroline was

ordered to take Phoebe to the house just for children with mental disabilities and she had

decided not to do what David wanted her to but to take the child under her wing and raise

her as her very own child and when people would say hurtful, rude, mean, and ignorant

things such as ‘What a shame’ she couldn’t understand why people would say mean

things. This book The Memory Keepers Daughter can be related to racism because

people where judging Phoebe before they even got a chance to understand what was

wrong with her and the people where saying things just because of the way she looked.

Just like racism, people judge people without getting to know them.

Everybody at some point in their lifetime will be rejected weather it may

be applying for a certain job, asking their parents to do something or to get something,

even when you have a crush on someone and everyone copes with it in their own way.

While reading The Memory Keepers daughter Phoebe was rejected right from the very

start by her father. I can’t even begin to fathom how it must feel to be given up and

rejected by a family member because of a sickness that I had no control over. And that is

what Phoebe was subjected to by her father David. Four million babies are born in the

United States each year and one in three thousand five hundred are born with a birth

effect; just about one thousand children a year are born with Down syndrome or any

similar cases. For David to hold Phoebe up with joy and then notice that she looks a little

different right then and there his emotions changed, he decided to give her up without his

wife’s knowledge. I think that is very cruel and selfish, the better thing to have done was

to have sat down with Nora and stated what he thought would be the right thing to do, but

he didn’t. It would have been better for them to have kept the child, raise her, love her,

and get to know her so that they would have known what it was like to have a daughter

rather than giving Phoebe up and never knowing it would be like, but David was just

relying on his own previous experience with having a sister with Down syndrome. And

even if Phoebe was to pass away they would have made her life worth living and her

having something else worth living for and they would have dealt with her death as hard

as it...
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