The Medieval Craftsman

Topics: Feudalism, Crafts, Master craftsman Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: June 9, 2008
The development of guilds during the medieval period was crucial to the professional development of the crafts of medieval artists. The power of the medieval craftsman during this period was not based on their personal capacities, but their keenness to join together and act as a collective or guild. Towns during the medieval period played host to many different practitioners of a particular skill, whether it be the cloth makers, shoemakers, apothecaries, masons, painters, sculptors, or blacksmiths. All of these craftsmen joined together to form guilds that were able to gain control of the production, standards, and marketing of the particular craft. As individuals the craftsman did not have much power against the lords of the time, however, as a group they were able to have amazing power. Through the development of guilds craftsmen were able to socially stratify the feudal system and remove themselves from the ranks of the serfs. The Guilds had many concerns when it came to protecting their members, such as; Protecting their members from outside competition, keep the competition fair between members and quality control of products. The master craftsmen of the guilds would control these standards and would usually only be the person allowed to sell the product or to employ others to produce. To become a master one would have to meet a number of criteria including having completed an apprenticeship in the trade, and to have paid an entry fee to the guild. Once the craftsman became a master it also signified attainment of social standing above the majority of the population of a community who were mere serfs or residents. A craftsman’s craft was the most important aspect of his life. It literally was the livelihood of the entire medieval community. Medieval communities did not have the economic status (due to the control of land by lords), or resources to support every aspect of their lives, which is why craftsmen were so important. Without craftsmen the...
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