The Medieval Castle

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The medieval castle
The Pyramid of power
The whole system of a medieval castle was totally based on the Pyramid of Power . It goes from the top "the lord" to the "the knights, squires and pages" to the "servants" . Being the Lord at the top of the Pyramid was obviously very comfortable . The lower you are at, the less comfortable your life is. the differences were extreme between each status.

Actually we can imagine that the medieval castle was a very busy and noisy place . There might be hundreds of people living in it. But crowdy as it is ,the everyday life of anyone living in the castle was strictly ruled by the Codes of conduct and the Codes of Chivalry which advocates the courtly manners and love . The several parts of the castle

The Great hall
This is for the main meeting and dining area and used by everyone who lived in the castle. That means all the people eat there. Pages and servants are always ready to serve. And there is a Steward who supervised all the events in the Great Hall. The solar and the wardrobe

The Solar is a private place for sleeping used by the Lord's family. The wardrobe is a dressing room and storage room for clothes used by the Lord . The minstrel's gallery
The Minstrel's Gallery locate on a raised gallery overlooking the Great Hall. Thos is the place for the Lord's musicians. A place for entertainment . The kitchen
Kitchens have cooking ovens for baking and huge fireplaces for roasting food. They also have a complete water supply system. THE PLACE OF ARMS
The room in the castle called the Place of Arms was a large area where all the troops could assemble. The horses were also kept and fed there.

The life of the lord
Life in the castle started at dawn
Mass would be heard in the Chapel and additional private prayer might be made in the oratory Breakfast
Lord would start to do all the business. He will listen to the reports about his land . (Complaints and disputes regarding tenants would be settled, permission to...
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