The Media Can Be Trusted to Act Responsibly and Reflect Community Standards and Values. Where the Media Fail to Do so, the Courts or Other Regulators Pull Them Into Line.

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Since the beginning of mass media, it is viewed by many as a powerful; if not, the only source of information. People depend on the media to provide them with daily news, current affairs, and even conversational topics. Media cultures heavily immerse us through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet. No doubt over the years, the media has become part of our lifestyle, and many cannot live without the presence of media. The power of media’s influence on us is so great – our whole life revolves around various media sources.

Thus, being such a powerful medium, the media can choose to promote or to suppress the truth. By enforcing the audience’s mindsets, the media is able to instill ideologies into many people’s minds. Similarly, with great power comes great responsibility, the media is expected to help and support Government processes. Due to this, the media is often said to be paid to sway opinions of the public.

The media in Singapore is known to be stringent and is heavily controlled by the Government. Ranked 136 out of 175 in the Press Freedom Index, it is one of the worst countries for press freedom, even as a developed country. Singapore has been receiving a great deal of attention from many foreign journalists for her lack of human rights and freedom of expression.

In Singapore, the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts regulates media contents from local and foreign media that would be made available locally. The Media Authority of Singapore (MDA) has administered a set of rules and regulations to make sure that local medias comply and so as to assist in Government census and censorship standards. In an effort to promote Singapore as a Global Media City, MDA is aiming to ensure consistency and clarity in local media. MDA would not impasse creativity, but the media should are reminded to promote social values and harmony in Singapore.

Unlike other countries, the role of local press are not to act as a forth...
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