The Meat Industry

Topics: Livestock, Meat, Agriculture Pages: 3 (1091 words) Published: May 21, 2013
TheTyler Hartman
Problems with the Meat Industry in the U.S

Many United States citizens don’t understand where the meat that we eat comes from and the processes that it goes through before we consume it. Many people also don’t understand that there are many health risks directly related to the meat that they consume on a daily basis due to the inhumane, and hazardous practices of the U.S meat industry. In addition, the destruction of the environment that is caused by the meat industry is monumental. The issues concerning this topic are becoming larger and larger and it’s up to us to take action to control the quality and length of our individual lives. Let me start off by saying that over 10 billion animals a year are slaughtered in the United States. This number is so great that it’s no wonder animals are being treated inhumanly. Tens of thousands of animals are packed into single sheds and forced to live in horrible conditions. This causes the risk of infectious diseases to be much greater and to spread much faster to a very large amount of animals. Remarkably, about 80 percent of all antibiotics used in the United States go to nonorganic farm animals to help speed livestock growth and counteract filthy, stressful, housing situations that debilitate the animal’s immune system. Chickens and turkeys are selectively breed so they grow twice as large in half the amount of time. Many even become crippled under their own weight. In addition, many of these animals are forced to live in cages that are so small they cannot do anything that is normal or natural to them. Likewise, pigs, which are fairly intelligent animals, become so stressed living in unbelievably filthy conditions and given a lack of mental stimulation, many, go insane. Thousands of pigs are also forced to suffer grueling, painful deaths each year. Cows, which naturally eat grass for which their stomachs were designed, are forced to eat an unnatural grain diet of soy and corn in...
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