The Meat-Free Society

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Darren Schaeffer
PHIL 1100
Paper 1
The Meat-Free Society
Ethics is the study of what man ought to do. A morally ethical person is guided by impartial reason that weighs each party affected equally when making a decision. Furthermore, any practical basis for ethics must also promote the propagation of the species. Thus, eating meat is an unethical practice to those that can afford to be meat free in a modernized western society. At first glance the “meat free” argument might appear too aggressive to be a reasonably derived by ethics. However, by first proving that a practical basis of ethics structures an ethical system such that mankind prospers in the most reasonably efficient manner, then providing evidence for why meat is not a requirement for the prosperity to most members of a modernized western society and finally concluding that eating meat is an unethical practice among members of such cultures that can afford to be meat free; this paper will prove that eating meat is unethical. Ethics is a subject that is only present in beings that have achieved a certain level of consciousness. This paper does not focus on the exact level of consciousness that must be achieved, but does assume that humans have reached such a consciousness level. Unlike other animals we do not merely react to situations, but rather have the ability to choose our actions. It is defining the “correct” action that ethics is concerned with. The only reasonable basis for ethics must allow for humanity to prosper. It must guide members of a human society to act in a way that allows for the society to procreate, raise offspring, and produce a surplus of goods in a way that will allow for that society to continue operating. If these minimum criteria are not met then the society in question will cease to exist since the ethical rules in question will not have adequately taken into account the other members of that society. I am not implying moral relativism (as there...
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