The Meaning of Success

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  • Published : September 10, 2012
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The meaning of success can vary with each individual. For some, the meaning of success is expensive material things, or living a lavish lifestyle; in contrast, I find these things to be overstated. In fact, I believe the meaning of success is simple, and it does not depend on material things at all. Success to me means a happy marriage, a happy family, being able to follow my dreams, and the freedom to achieve my goals.

An old adage says, “Love conquers all.” I feel this is a truly special saying because as a young single mother struggling to raise two boys on my own, I once believed that giving my sons the happy, secure home they deserved was so far out of reach. Love and happiness has always been one of my most intimate goals in life; therefore, finding a special man so dear to my heart has inspired me, and has given me the hope and courage needed to do things I once thought impossible. My husband brings the strength, balance, and unconditional support needed to our lives. I finally have a blissful marriage, and a happy family; together we have created a happy home for our little boy, and we are striving to reach our goals and dreams.

Now that I have a stable, loving marriage, it is time to focus on what I can do to better my family, and make them as proud of me as I am them. I raised my children to understand the importance of an education and prominent career, all the while hiding my lack of a formal education, and settling for a middle-of-the-road career. While instilling these values in my children, I realized, if I expect them to be successful, then I should hold myself to the same expectations. As a result, and with the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I have graduated high school, enrolled in college, and I am working on acquiring an AA and then a Masters degree. Once college is complete, I plan to follow my dream of finding a fulfilling, rewarding career, and give back to my family all they have given to me.

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