The Mckinsey 7-S Framework Jointly Used with the Swot Analysis

Topics: Management, Strategic management, SWOT analysis Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: May 14, 2013
A business is a complex organisation which need continuous analysis and advancement so as to survive in a competitive environment .Managers can use various tools to guide them in their analysis .Analysis can be internallyor externally or both. In analysing internally a manager can use jointly McKinney’s 7 S framework and swot analysis as tools .The Mckinsey’s model shows and help to ensure the coordination and behaviour of the internal operational activities necessary for a successful operation of an organisation whilst the SWOT analysis is the assessment of the external and internal environment that allows for identification of the entreprise’sstrengths, weaknesse, opportunities and threats. Existing in the internal environment as well as its competitiveness. These two assessment tools work efficiently together and are interdepended.TheMckinsey consist of analysing the internal environment such as structure,system,strategy,staff,skill,shared value and style while the SWOT analysis looks at strengsweaknesses,opportunites and threats. Confidence is the first step to success that confidence is brought about by an organised internalenvironment which is further emphasised by the 7S framework which are strengths in the swot analysis if well managed .The structure of an organisation is one of the hardest elements which can be adjusted for the better. Analysis on how the organisation is structured helps the managers to take corrective actions where they will be legging behind. Managers will adopt a more horizontal structure were communication channels areclear where and more reliable. Coordination of departments and team work will be fuelled thus working on weaknesses in the ambiguous structure to make it a strength supporting the swot analysis .This strength will boost confidence and competence which might be helpful in tackling opportunities Strategy is a plan developed for maintaining and creating a competitive advantage over competitors. If the strategy is weak to...
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