The Mcdonaldization of Society

Topics: McDonaldization, Sociology, Rationalization Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: January 7, 2013
The McDonaldization of Society

George Ritzer has taken the work of Max Weber and has expanded them to produce a process of rationalization called the McDonaldization of society. In today's society, everyone seems to be in a hurry. The quest to save time to do other things. The McDonaldization of Society is the search for maximum efficiency in increasing numerous and diverse social settings. It has been stated that McDonald's principles are beginning to dominate more and more sectors of society as well as the world. (Ritzer, 1996) This theory shows us how the restaurant business has adapted in today's modern society where everyone seems to be in a big hurry.

There are four main components to McDonaldization that reflect a rational system that increases a bureaucracy's efficiency. Next we will look at each component and outline what they are. 1. Efficiency - It is the search for the optimum means to a given end. This means that the consumer bay be able to grab a quick meal in a hurry. Included is the streamlining of processes, simplifying goods and services, and using customers to perform work such as cleaning up after themselves. 2. Calculability - It emphasis on things that can be calculated, counted and quantified. It is more efficient for a family to dive to McDonalds, order their food and eat it than it does to prepare a meal at home. With this everyone wins. The customer gets their food quickly while the restaurant receives good profits due to the markup of goods. 3. Predictability - The emphasis that things will be the same from one time or place. This makes it more efficient for both the consumer and customer. The company can offer uniform products making it easier to conform to a routine of employees who make the product allowing a quicker turnaround from order received to going to the customer. The customers have the satisfaction of knowing what they want usually before they get to the business therefore cutting down on the time spent eating. 4....
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