The Mcdonaldization of America

Topics: Nutrition, United States, McDonald's Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Informative speech
1. The Effects of McDonaldization on America
a. What is the McdDonaldization of America?
i. The standardized tastes a
ii. loss of uniqueness and individuality
iii. a norm of uniformity,
iv. mass production
v. mass consumption.
2. McDonald's comes in, saying that the brand will bring many jobs. b. Beef producers, flourishing for years, now have McDonald's as their only market. c. In 1968, McDonald’s bought ground beef from 175 local suppliers. d. A few years later, seeking to achieve greater product uniformity as it expanded, McDonalds reduced the number of beef suppliers to five. e. In the United States many ranchers now argue that few large corporations have gained stranglehold on the market using unfair tactics to drive down the price of cattle (Schlosser, 134). f. The four major meatpacking companies now control about 20 percent of the live cattle in the US through “captive supplies” cattle that are either maintained in company owned feedlots or purchased in advance. g. When cattle prices start to rise, the large meatpackers can flood the market with their own captive supplies driving prices back down. h. The suicide rate among ranchers and farmers in the United States is now about three times higher than the national average. i. A 1996 USDA investigation of concentration in the beef industry found that many ranchers were afraid to testify against the large meatpacking companies, fearing retaliation and “economic ruin.” j. When Mike Callicrate, a cattleman from St. Francis Kansas, decided to speak out against corporate behavior before the USDA committee, the large meatpackers promptly stopped bidding on his cattle (Schlosser, 143) 3. George Ritzer say, “I think that McDonald's has a profound effect on the way people do a lot of things I mean it leads people to want everything fast, to have, you know, a...
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