The Mccarthy Witch Hunts

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  • Published : December 18, 2011
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The McCarthy Witch Hunts

When most people come across the term, witch hunts, they have the common propensity to imagine Satanism, witches brewing magical potions, and the Salem Witch Trials. The McCarthy Witch Hunts usually aren’t the first thing to pop up in their heads. During the late 1950’s and early 1960’s while the United States of America was fighting in the Cold War against the Soviet Union with hopes of protecting its sovereignties and freedoms, the growing fear of Communism and rising popularity of Anti-Communism threatened both the freedoms of individuals in America and the existing capitalist economic system. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin had manipulated these fears and used them to justify his claim for power and fame. He began “witch hunts”, the seeking out of supposed threats to the United States.The McCarthy Witch Hunts will never be forgotten in history for it’s infringement of constitutional rights and the obsession of seeking out Communists.

Joseph McCarthy began his political journey in 1928 to become one of the most least eligible and qualified, incredibly corrupt politicians during the Cold War, after getting accepted into Marquette University. He decided to become a circuit judge, but wanting more power and fame, he joined the Marines during World War II, and later ran as the Republican candidate for Wisconsin senator. He used extreme propaganda and slandered his opponent with false accusations to help publicize his own campaign. McCarthy eventually won the election and began to take advantage of his position. Because re-elections were imminent, and Joseph McCarthy’s first term was mediocre, he had to find a way to guarantee his political success, which caused him to take the road of corruption. One of his very close friends, Edmund Walsh recommended that Senator Joseph McCarthy begin a battle against supposed Communists, which McCarthy completely agreed with. was s poor farmboy who was always bullied for the certain way...
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