The Maze Runner

Topics: The Doors, American films, The Glade Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: December 17, 2012
A boy named Thomas enters a maze called "The Glade", he has no memory but only remembers his name. Thomas has to try out for a different job everyday until he figures out what he is good at. His friend, Newt, is an ex-runner, he is worried about his friends Minho and Alby, only because they return from the maze around five. It is now six o'clock. Around 8 o'clock the maze doors shut and these creatures called "Greviers" come out. The Greviers are six ft long, 4 ft wide, and five ft tall, they are made up of many machines. There body is covered with slimy blubber with eight arms popping out. In the corner of Thomas' he spots Minho and Alby, Minho was carring Alby because he was stung by a Grevier. Thomas was trying to hold the huge doors open to try and slow him down but instead the door kept closing in. Thomas had to either stay in The Glade or go out into the maze at night. He was nervous and went into the maze to help his friends. Thomas heard a horrible noise, with an awful smell, he knew he had to do something to keep his friend alive. So, he tied viens around his legs, arms, and waist. He began to climb a wall, higher and higher until he couldn't go any further. He thought the Greviers weren't able to climb the walls, but they could. The Greviers saw him and began to chase him. When Thomas was surrounded by the Greiver he ran after it, and dodging it and it continued to run because they are dumb. Minho spotted this and pulled Thomas to the side and they ran towards a cliff the Greivers lined up and started to crawl towards Thomas and Minho so they stood next to the cliff waiting for the right time to do the jump dive action. Every greiver fell but one. So Thomas and Minho kicked it with their feet and there was no sign of them dying. So they got worried. They began picking up rocks and throwing in every direction of the cliff, until one rock disapeared. They ran back to The Glade and told Newt about the greiver whole. Terasa is now awake and can speak to...
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