The Matter of Whiteness 1

Topics: White people, Black people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 5 (2225 words) Published: May 27, 2012
The Matter of Whiteness 1
Running head: White Privilege

The Matter of Whiteness

The Matter of Whiteness
Richard Dyer said “racial imagery is central to the organization of the modern world” because he felt most decisions that represent the practices of the world are based on white man’s ideologies and images in western culture. White people remain a large category that has not been examined in contrast to the many studies of images on African Americans and other groups of color. For too long western American cultures subtlety allow privileges to whites because white people are not racially seen as white, but are seen as a racial position in white dominance and this is the guideline for society norms. Everywhere you look you can see that white people are largely represented as what are norms for our society. Whites have considerably higher paying jobs than most people of color (fugitively speaking), and until five years ago they were higher in the area of the home ownership arena. Look all around you and across the country you see their children attend the best equipped schools (be it private or public). Yes I do agree that with Richard Dyer that racial imagery is important and research should be done on white lifestyle, mostly because some whites themselves think that life the way they know it, is the way it is suppose to be. Some of them actually think they are the only ones’ to be entitled to the positive aspect of life. The education systems are set up so their children at very young ages are taught about concepts and problem solving, and that is why they succeed better than we do on standardize testing and other test that or geared for them. You take the inter-city child living with two not well educate parents who do the best they can to help their child succeed in school. The schools books in their communities have not been updated for years; some of the books in the school were the old book of the white schools. When it time for their children to take the standardize test, they do poorly, because with the poor education in their communities, the lack of education of their parents, along with the outdated books, they are not culturally ready to take a test that is not prepared for them. Therefore education for most people of color is not equal in this country. In my opinion it is important to study whiteness, because there is a missing history that we as people of color are missing, and that is how we let it get so out of control, by letting the white race take over the country and dictate to all of us what is best for us based on their whiteness. I agree with the author “Bell Hooks” many of us people of color do live in the “bush of ghosts” and do not know ourselves separate from whiteness. We have stood around and too long just accepting what they give us and we become content with it, rather it is good for us or not. If you look at the television most of the shows are based on the life of whites. Some of the shows do not even show any images of people of color as an extra on the some television shows. Too me this is not realistic for people of color are everywhere, even in the raciest of towns. A few cable networks have since let Tyler Perry represent Americans of African descendants and a few other people of color, which is a major breakthrough for television. Another reason studing whiteness is so important because we need to know how white people react to a society with people of color in charge of their well-being. I know a lot of whites voted for President Barrack Obama, but you have some news media that are not happy that he won the election (Fox News), so they try not to disrespect him by not calling him President Obama, they will say Obama. It just goes to show you that if McClain would have won they would have given him all of their white respect. Not only that but the cases of OJ versa Nicole Brown Simpson the media had the white so upset...
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