The Mass Media Should Be Highly Responsible to the Problem of Childhood Obesity

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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ELTU 1001 Presentation Outline
Name: Chan Yu Yan,Fiona
SID: 1155032656

The mass media should be highly responsible to the problem of childhood obesity in Hong Kong

Opener – Ask question; ‘what’s childhood obesity in your mindset?’ Background –To provide statistics about the % of population of having childhood obesity in Hong Kong (To show the seriousness of the problem) Purpose/Objective – To persuade the government and the public to agree that the mass media is the key determinant that leads to childhood obesity through the means of television especially. Stance – The mass media is the most influential stakeholder in affecting the severity of the problem when compared to family’s influence and primary education in Hong Kong. Preview – To compare the effectiveness of the mass media and the primary schools in solving the problem.

1. The coverage of the receiver
The public v.s. primary students
-Advertisements are published through the mass media, such as television and radio, the recipients of the advestisements are the general public; Parents are informed teach their children about the correct value

-Primary school policies (e.g. PE lessons) only influence the primary students, who may not be able to understand the purpose of these policiesnot seriously followed

2. Academic studies showing the influences of the mass media on affecting the lifestyle of the obese children.  A number of studies have confirmed that obesity is directly related to the number of hours spent watching television (Dietz and Gortmaker, 1985, 1993; Gortmaker et al. 1990). Attractive commercials advertising food and drink(Bar-Or et al., 1998; James, 2002) that promote foods that are not recommended for the optimal development of health and fitness of children(Pařízková and Hills, A. P., 2005) 

IV.Conclusion – Summary / Concluding statement
The mass media is one of the most important channel in affecting the...
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