“the Mass Media Don't Just Reflect Reality, They Also Influence It”. Do You Agree?

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  • Published : November 5, 2010
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We see mass media daily, in TV, Internet and magazines. As we look at it, do we even think of how much it influences us? People get easier influenced by it than we might think, and we think that we control the mass media, but in reality it's the other way around. Any more we don't know where to put the line of what is acceptable and what's not. We want to get that perfect life, with a nice body and beautiful face. But the question is, how far can we go before we break apart? That is a topic I will now discuss.

Why do people even care to put so much effort on their physical appearance? Is that something we are born with, or can it be something else? I think the media can have a lot to do with it, since we take after what we see. Ugly people usually play the “bad guy” in a film, whereas the beautiful people are the “heroes”. Then it is quite obvious that we already from young age start thinking that that's also how it works in real life. Which everyone of course knows is not true, since the outside doesn't reflect the inside in this way. That's why we might feel more accepted in the society if we look good, and this all starts from just looking at an innocent cartoon film. An example of this is “The little mermaid”, where Ursula plays the evil character and Ariel is the good girl, whereas Ursula also is more unattractive than Ariel. That then gives pressure on girls and their looks, and how they are supposed to look like.

It's getting more and more usual that girls get eating disorders, which is nothing to joke about since this sickness makes a very serious damage on your body. But what is the cause of this, that girls see this as a way out of getting that perfect body they want to have. Again, it is all the fashion magazines we see today, showing models with tiny waists and crazy thin legs. When we then compare ourselves with these models, probably not many has such a body as the models do. The media has somehow made us think that these body measurements...
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