The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center Is

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The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center is located in Sykesville, Maryland. The physical plant is generally divided into two areas on grounds totaling approx. 700 acres. The firearms Training Facility (FTF) and the Drivers Training Facility (DTF) are co-located approx. 2 miles from the Academic Center. These training areas are un-fenced, and goes through public roadway and to several residential communities; closest houses being approx. . . .25 miles. The FTF facility has staff offices, classrooms, armory, weapon cleaning area and outdoor ranges which is approx. 25 miles from the FTF. The Academic and administrative Complex (AAC) is located on the ground of the Maryland Springfield State (Mental) hospital, and hosts approx. 400 patients. AAC has offices and classrooms, computer labs, a food preparation area and dining hall, and shops. Two residential dorms for overnight guests/students, a physical training center and it include offices, classrooms, basketball gym, weight room, and swimming pool. PSETC has 122 staff members, including DTF, FTF, and there is currently no security for PSETC. The hours of operation are 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday for all facilities and it has about 450 students daily in law enforcement and correctional training programs. 150 guests/students can stay overnight; there is a contractor who prepares food, for them. The record maintenance for all administrative reports for PSETC members, approx. 30,000 personnel. Janitorial services for the PSETC are performed by minimum security inmates from a local correctional institution, and they work under supervision of correctional officers.


Currently, colleges, universities and training centers are among society’s most vulnerable and exploitable targets for individuals and organizations seeking to cause harm and fear. According to Daniel O’Neill, James Alan Fox, Roger Depue, and Elizabeth Englander “colleges must respond proactively to the risk, as parents rightly expect a special level of care for their sons and daughters while they are away at school. Thus, it is prudent and imperative that colleges take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of students as well as faculty and other employees (2008).” A good example would be Virginia Tech, the people who watched the news about Virginia Tech, would have identified with the pain and suffering of the victims, their families, and the entire campus communities (O’Neill, D, Fox, J.A., Depue, R., and Englander E., 2008). Knowing all this unsafe environment, I think Maryland’s Public Safety Education and Training Center recognizes that its students, staff, volunteers and employees from all companies need a comprehensive safety and security plan. The purpose of my paper is to provide a comprehensive safety and security plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center (PSETC). This security plan will provide an overview of all the security requirements for the PSETC facility assets and the various threats directed at the assets. The safety of everyone at PSETC is vital, however the budget is limited and with security it’s never possible to protect everything. I will be designing a surgical security protection plan for the most important parts of the PSETC, which will protect lives of students, faculty members, volunteers, employees and inmates. The PSETC security plan is comprised of ten parts. Part one of the PSETC, facility plan consist of, physical plant intrusion, examples would be burglary and theft; part two property damage (interior and exterior), examples vandalism, and theft. Part three would be personal security, examples include assault, personal property loss or damage; forth, information and records security, fifth, emergency planning and response. Six will be OSHA standards and violations, and seventh hiring practices and eight training practices. Finally numbers nine and ten will consist of legal issues...
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