The Marketing Strategies for Depak Manufacturing Company

Topics: Marketing, Product management, Brand Pages: 10 (2936 words) Published: November 10, 2010
Modern Sciences and Arts University
Principles of Marketing
MKT 201
Spring 2010

Deema for Packing & Packaging Materials

Group Members:Alia Tarek091773
Radwa Amer091865
Raghda Amer 091867
Dalia Samy093223

Presented to: Dr Hala Salman

Project Outline:

* Company History
* Product
* Place
* Price
* Promotion and Advertising
* SWOT Analysis
* Channel behavior organization
* Budget, Quality and quality policy
* Consumer behavior, Design and Packing
* Segmentation
* Targeting
* Positioning
* Environment
* Recommendations

Company History:
Depak Company was established in 1995, which is the first project located in Egypt by Saudi Arabian investor, Abdel Aziz Al Sharbatly, to deliver excellence to the local and international communities through the supply of: * aluminum foil containers

* aluminum foil rolls
* Cling film rolls.
Being a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) investment company, it is the first local company in Egypt to provide these types of products. Since its inception, Depak started only with the production of aluminum foil, and then it faced many challenges to upgrade its product, which required the delivery of high quality products and professional services to its customers. Five years later from its date of establishment, with over 300 most experienced employees, the single factory in the City of 6 October, manufactures over 90 different products, with multiple shapes and sizes, whose quality level did not change over the progress of the years. The factory uses the most developing machines in the field of packing and packaging materials with the most skilled labor who work directly on the product lines, so all the products are considered to be handmade.

The administrative office is in Cairo; however the company has four other branches in Alexandria, El Mansoura, Al Ismaaleya, and Hurghada. It is the number one factory for aluminum foil in Africa and the Middle East, where it exports its products to Libya, Kenya, Tunisia, Qatar, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. It also exports to some European countries including Norway, Greece and Holland.

The company has three product lines: Aluminum Foil Containers, Aluminum Foil Rolls and Cling Film Rolls. Sizes apply to both foil rolls and cling film rolls. The aluminum foil is considered a consumer product, because it is bought by the end user for personal consumption. Usually customers buy it frequently and with immediate comparison and minimal buying efforts.

Jumbo ten tons, eighty thousand meters of aluminum rolls are imported from France, and then they divide them into smaller units for the end users. The rolls length ranges from ten meters to a maximum of fifteen hundred meters. The width ranges from thirty to forty five centimeters. To satisfy all the customers’ needs and wants and to have a better customer satisfaction, the company uses different measurement systems (Meters – Square Feet) to fit all customer uses, from all around the world. The aluminum roll thickness has to be big to support its weight so they start manufacturing from nine microns and the thicker the better. Opposed to the cling film rolls, the thinner the better, because it is made from smooth PVC material which contains pores to help the packed food to breathe, and it is microwave safe. Any of the product lines are flammable, so they cannot be directly subject to heat, although the heavy duty materials are healthy and secure. The Depak product not only fit the lifestyles of all consumers, but also enhances it. The company has a monopoly over the market of aluminum foil containers, rolls and cling rolls which have four different brands called: Demitta, Depak, Class and Crown, because they almost have no competitors, they have 98% of the market share.

Depak Company can be considered as a Cash-Cow because it has a low growth rate and high market share. It needs less investment as it...
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