The Marketing Research of Brainquiry

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  • Published : March 9, 2008
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Marketing Report


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

The New York research covers a complete sample breakdown of doctors and patients. This breakdown can be used to send surveys, as contact information for personal selling or promotion. The folder titled New York on the CD contains all information needed to conduct any of the things mentioned above. There is also an ample sports breakdown for the golf professionals. This is not a sample but all the private golf clubs and the golf associations that could be used for promotional needs as well as selling. All the information needed for this is found in the excel file in the New York folder titled "New York Research". All promotional information is mentioned in the promotion folder and in the New York part of this report. All information needed that requires further research can be found in the sources of the New York part and in the New York folder word file "Sources".

The Swiss marketing report outlines basic information about the potential target group and related laws and insurance issue and promotion to enter this new market. There is in total 86 golf clubs in Switzerland, and so far, there is no information available shows that they are using bio-feedback or neurofeedback to enhance the performance of their members. It is also difficult to give estimation on how the sales will be, or future market share will be, it depends on how the bra inquiry would use the communication tools and how much they would budget for that.

The German research gives an overview of a sample of contact details of doctors divided into users and non users of neuro/biofeedback. This information is to be found on the CD in the folder Germany. A list of contact details for golf clubs throughout Germany is given in the same excel file as mentioned before. If more contacts are needed they can be found by using the means stated in the sources part of the research. The excel file gives furthermore general information about private insurance companies and an overview of how many people do have which mental disorder in Germany. In the report the promotional part gives an overview of means to use regarding the target groups being looked at by Brainquiry.

The final report of the Netherlands consist of following parts: excel files, explanation according to the excel files as Microsoft word documents, extra research information received from NIP (Netherlands institution for psychologist). Related to sport target group, there are a total number of 177 Golf clubs in the Netherlands. The total data information about the golf clubs can be found in the excel file "Total golf clubs". Information about to doctors target group can be founded in excel files" Business doctor contacts & Personal doctor contacts. Business doctors file includes all the information about (sport) psychologists. Personal doctors are actually the psychologists which are the current users of Bio/Neuro feedback method in the Netherlands. In the excel file named "Insurance" all the information refer to insurance companies and its costs and requirements of Bio/Neuro feedback can be found. Reference to the promotion part in the word document, the must important issue for all target markets of Brainquiry is increasing the customer awareness. In that part the best ways to achieve that Goal is mentioned and explained. The information related to all disorders that can be treated by Bio/Neuro feedback methods are mentioned in excel file NL patient breakdown. In conclusion part, it is concluded that by focusing more on doctors and giving more information to them, the patient target market can also be reached more easily and effectively. The golf target market has also great potential of success.

The total information about Belgium consists of Belgium report, Excel file and a folder with extra Word and PDF files. The report is not big since information that was found on the internet about Belgium is very...
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