The Marketing Mix

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In-depth Analysis of the Marketing Mix

This Paper provides the reader with a background of the Marketing Mix, the different types of the Marketing Mix used today, an in-depth analysis of the different types of the Marketing mix, and a breakdown of the different types of the Marketing Mix.


The Marketing Mix is a marketing tool used widely in the business world today. All types of businesses use the Marketing Mix, because of this, there are many different forms and types of the Marketing Mix. The term Marketing Mix was first officially recognized when Neil H. Borden of Harvard Business School wrote an article titled The Concept of the Marketing Mix. The Concept of the Marketing Mix is an article about how the term Marketing Mix came about. Holden speaks of a colleague named James Culliton who described the business executive as “mixer of ingredients”. By this, he meant, business executives sometimes use others’ marketing information and techniques and other times use their own marketing information and create their own marketing techniques. Culliton thought of marketing information and marketing techniques as ingredients, which created a marketing recipe of success. Thus he called business executives “mixers of ingredients”. Holden also speaks of Culliton’s first studies of manufactures’ advertisement. No matter how Culliton grouped manufactures, whether it was by same types of products, location of the manufacturer’s company, amount of sales that they did, or any other classification, his findings were diverse and inconclusive. Holden states in his studies that he found it best to ask the following questions while doing research during his study of advertisement, “What overall marketing strategy has been or might be employed to bring about a profitable operation in light of the circumstances faced by the management? What combination of marketing procedures and policies has been or might be adopted to bring about desired behavior of trade and consumers at costs that will permit a profit? Specifically, how can advertising, personal selling, pricing, packaging, channels, warehousing, and the other elements of a marketing program be manipulated and fitted together in a way that will give a profitable operation?” (Borden 8) Borden concluded that advertisement was only one part in the total marketing program. This conclusion was supported by one of his earlier works, The Economic effects of advertising. He goes on to tell why he was so fond of the term “mixer of ingredients”, “From the above it can be seen why Culliton's description of a marketing manager as a "mixer of ingredients" immediately appealed to me as an apt and easily understandable phrase, far better than my previous references to the marketing man as an empiricist seeking in any situation to devise a profitable "pattern" or "formula" of marketing operations from among the many procedures and policies that were open to him. If he was a "mixer of ingredients," what he designed was a "marketing mix." (Borden 8-9) Borden says for the Marketing Mix to be successful the marketer must be a psychologist and socialist. A skillful marketer can use individual behavior patterns and group behavior pattern to his/her advantage. Borden created a list of four behavioral forces titled Market Forces Bearing on the Marketing Mix. He says this list must be studied, as well as, understood completely for the Marketing Mix to be successful. Here is the example provided in his article,

Market Forces Bearing on the Marketing Mix
1. Consumers' Buying Behavior, as determined by their: a) Motivation in purchasing. b) Buying habits.
c) Living habits.
d) Environment (present and future, as revealed by trends, for environment influences consumers' attitudes toward products and their use of them). e) Buying power.
f) Number (i.e., how many).
2. The Trade's Behavior—wholesalers' and retailers' behavior, as influenced by: a) Their motivations.
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