The Marketing Game

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Executive Summary

The MARKETING GAME has taught me and given myself an abstract experience on how a marketing manager would perform in a company selling a voice recognition device and able to use an virtual program that calculates and generates financial reports. Besides that, I got to learn how to analyze and selecting target markets and implementing the marketing mix, which were 4 segments, wholesale of $120, using indirect competitive advertising and indirect distribution which is full service dealers only.  

To : Director from Firm G2
From : Gabriel Philip George, Marketing Manager
Subject : Interim Report on The Marketing Game, TMG

This interm report begins with the definition of TMG. TMG which means The Marketing Game. Authors and designers, Charlotte H. Mason and William D. Perreault Jr. developed this simulation game to teach students how to

First of all, I’ll like to begin this interim report by explaining what the term TMG is. TMG stands for The Marketing Game, a program developed by Charlotte H. Mason and William D. Perreault Jr. that teaches you how to assume the role of a marketing manager in a company that develops and markets a voice recognition device, model name VoiCtrl that is able to control computers thru verbal commands for example word processing, internet browsing, and playing MP3 music files. The aim of the game is to teach me the roles of a marketing manager which is to analyze customers and their needs. Besides that, I learn how to plan strategies by selecting target markets and implementing the marketing mix, which are Customer, Product, Price, Place and Promotion to position the voice recognition device in the electronic market.

Market Segmentation is a process of separating a group of people into smaller groups of potential customers with different needs in this case, their VRD needs in terms of able to use different application also when consumers with identical product and service needs are divided up into groups so they be charged different amounts.

By using marketing research reports paid by the company, six main segments have been identified which are The Modern Students, comprising of college students who will use a VRD to work on their term projects, assignments or pursue extracurricular activities. The Modern Students are part of the segment because first reason, usage of VRD is encouraged by colleges for their students to use it at the campus and secondly, students find it easy to access and control the I.T resources materials available to them.

The Home Users, households whom use a simple VRD to do various computing work from surfing the internet and leaving each other messages and they are part of the segment because VRD is just new technology in market and home users are amusing themselves by using it.

The Harried Assistants, consisting of secretaries, administrative assistants and employees whom spend at least some of time preparing and revising materials for other people in their firms and they are chosen as a segment because the companies they are currently working for discovered that same amount of task can be done by fewer assistants with the use of VRD thus cutting the employment cost..

The Professional Creators, consisting of people who have professions in which they heavily rely on computers to create various types of content materials, the reason they are part of the segments because this group spends most of time using the computer and thus the most time working with a VRD.

The High-Tech Managers will be part of the segment because they will buy a VRD mainly for their own use for their job. Their usage is likely to be higher when they are out of the office and working on their laptops. Some of the managers in the segment will buy a VRD and learn how to use because it is the trend to own one, also motivated by social needs for status and esteem.

Lastly, the concerned parents are generally two...
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