The Marketing Environment Consists of the Actors and Forces Outside Marketing That Effect Marketing Management's Ability to Develop and Maintain Successful Transactions with Its Target Customers

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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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The marketing environment consists of the actors and forces outside marketing that effect marketing management's ability to develop and maintain successful transactions with its target customers. "(Kotler 2009) Marketplace becomes more competitive after being rapidly changed by economics, technology and globalization." Without building customer relationship, only driven by product and technology is no longer enough for company. "(Kotler 2009) Thus, marketing mix has to be adapted for an organization to continuously changes and improvements of the environment, in order to success company's objectives JET fast performance, loved by those who favor the pursuit of speed, but very polluted environment, individuals that aircraft flying in the air because of the inevitable need for energy-intensive, high energy consumption is the result of environmental pollution, it is inevitable. Like a car air pollution caused by flooding, we cannot just stare at the problem of how to reduce the pollution of a single car, and going to think about a change in thinking, why everyone should own a car? Why the delivery of goods is must start from the air? Why do not more energy-efficient maglev trains to carry cargo transport it? Only one answer, the company for its own profits, not to consider the whole of human society a waste of resources, this is the inevitable shortcomings of the existing economic system, even if new technology can reduce pollution, the company did not go to research the power, because the company for profit I think about is how to reduce costs, if the pollution can reduce the cost of the company, then the company will not hesitate to continue to pollute the environment. As a constant to generate profits in order to maintain the company's survival, so I think simply to think about how to reduce environmental pollution JET it is a pseudo-proposition, drop in the bucket. JET really want to solve the fundamental solution is contaminated with more energy-efficient...
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