The Marketing Behind Beatlemania

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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In the music industry stars rise as fast as they fall. Becoming an exception to this rule is not an easy task. Creating a long lasting successful brand does not depend as much on the quality of music, but the quality of marketing. The Beatles are a great example of a band that had both. The band revolutionized marketing in the music industry in more ways than one. They created a marketing blueprint that other bands are following to this day. The Beatles were the first at many things. First off, they were the first band to have a logo. The band’s famous ‘drop T’ design made obvious the pun implied in the name. Pop music was called “beat music” at the time, so it was clear to the fans what kind of product to expect from the band. The haircuts were also something completely new at the time. In an era used to crew-cuts and short hair on men, The Beatles’ long mop top hair was new and rebellious. This Unique Selling Proposition would have to be modified slightly to be accepted in the music establishment. Long haired rockers in leather jackets would not be accepted by the American media. The band’s manager Brian Epstein decided to get the band to wear suits. With the wardrobe change the band’s haircut appealed to their young fans while their suits appealed to the older generation, who were in charge of broadcasting. A large amount of money was made from fan memorabilia. Beatles lunchboxes, toys, wigs and shoes are just a few examples of brand extensions. Band merchandise was a completely new concept at the time and The Beatles were able to capitalize on it greatly. In 1964 a film entitled “A Hard Day’s Night” was released. The film was unlike Elvis’ movies where he would play corny characters; The Beatles were filmed as themselves being chased by wild fans. This promoted the band’s stardom to even higher levels. One of the major reasons for The Beatles’ success was the band’s originality. They were the first major band with original songs. Most of the bands in that...
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