The Market Revolution in American History

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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Jason Lerdahl Lerdahl 1 History 22
Professor C.Bender
The Market Revolution
The Market Revolution was the economic push that America so desperately needed in the early nineteenth century. The innovations and inventions in transportation, communication, and technology during this time period couldn’t have come at a better time in U.S. history. Roads and railroads were both improved upon and new ones were built to help connect the interior of the U.S. The completion of the Erie Canal opened water transportation from New York to the Great Lakes and eventually to the Ohio and Mississippi valleys. The telegraph was invented and so to was the cotton gin. The factory system was growing because of the large demand for cotton. All this came at a perfect time in our history because this growth of land and wealth helped to most importantly stabilize our government. The three major reasons for the market revolution are transportation, communication, and technology. The 1st reason is transportation. Transportation had help in several areas the steamboat was developed, the Erie Canal was opened, the 1st railroad was built, and roads were improved. The steamboat was developed in 1807 by Robert Fulton. The steamboat improved water transportation because it increased the speed and lowered the cost of shipping/receiving goods and services from around the U.S. In 1825 the Erie Canal was opened. It connected New York to the Great Lakes. That had an immediate impact on the surrounding areas. New cities were developed for instance Buffalo, Rochester, and Lerdahl 2

Syracuse, and an additional 3,000 miles of canals were built that connected the Atlantic to the Ohio and Mississippi valleys. This once again would help lower costs of shipping/receiving goods and services. Lastly, in 1828 the 1st railroad was opened and five years later the South...
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