The Market Revolution

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The Market Revolution
Although America had experienced a general economic expansion known as the Market Revolution, there were also geographic, demographic, and technological involving transportation changes that occurred between 1815 and 1860. These changes impacted the Americans significantly on the way how they viewed themselves and their society. The major characteristics of the National Market Economy of 1860 was that it supplied economic contributions throughout the south, west and the Northeast. The Market revolution had benefitted the Americans through all the changes in the revolution.

The Geographic expansion of the United States had significantly increased from the close of the war of 1812 to the time right before the Civil War. In the late 1800’s, the area of settlement had greatly expanded five times along with the expansion of the west reaching the pacific in 1849 along. The Federal government’s role in the geographic expansion was through territorial claims, treaties, and the Indian policy. The Americans portability was broadcasted by the 1850 census which had developed with population growth. In 1860, the population had significantly increased from about 4 million in 1790 to about 31 million and the population had started to double every twenty to twenty five years. The arrival of immigrants between 1820 and 1860 was considerably immense which was about five million people. The urbanization of the amount of farmers to city dweller’s from the 1800’s to the 1860’s was favored more towards the population of the farmers versus the city dwellers but the growth of cities from the 1800 to 1860 had significantly increased from 33 to 392 cities. The down side of urbanization was that urban gangs, slums, and the overflow of people had started to begin to form as urbanization increased.

The demographic changes during the late 1800’s had dealt with the impact of the war of 1812 which had caused the economy to change. The embargo act of 1807 effected...
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