The Mark of a True Hero

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The Mark of a True Hero
Abraham Lincoln once said, "Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure." Upon hearing this, the first thing that comes to one’s mind might probably be, “Who are the true heroes of our nation?” The answer to this baffling question is, indeed, very simple. A true hero is someone who is willing to help those who are in need in any way deemed possible. Undoubtedly, everyone who puts out a hand to help a stranger can be considered as heroes in their own little ways. In fact, there are heroes who deserve even more recognition. They are those who will not even think twice to put their lives on the line to save another and those who put others before themselves, such as the firefighters, the law enforcers, the soldiers, and the emergency workers. I believe that saving a life is the greatest victory one could ever accomplish. Furthermore, a true hero is someone who acts with courage in difficult situations and shows leadership as well.

In my perspective, parents are also heroes. They love their children and do everything to raise them properly. Moreover, they see to it that their children learn the things they will need to know when they are old enough to be out on their own. The most crucial and significant heroes of our nation are the teachers and instructors. As we all know, without them there will never be successful doctors, firefighters, law enforcers, lawyers, soldiers, and other heroes. I believe that who we are right now reflects how and what our teachers have taught us in the past. In addition to that, they have a great impact on each one of us. Because of these daily heroes, our world is seemingly changed for the better even in small ways.

As we can see, our world is getting more and more corrupt. That is why we need heroes who will stand up and show bravery and perseverance in times of trouble and dire need. Each one of us can be a hero as long as we open up our hearts to others. I believe there’s a hero within...
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