The Marginal World

Topics: Species, Moon, Coast Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: April 15, 2013
The edge of the sea is a place in which wave, by wave had broken against the land, and where the ocean never rests, never stops, it is always in constant movement, it is always changing, and the ebb tide knows extreme parts of the world, and it is exposed to different temperatures. Living in there, in the shore, is difficult for animals only the most hardly and adaptable of them can survive, but there is a variety of species in there, there are also deep in the sand, were they created tubes and passageways. And this residency of species is an ancient world that had always been there. Rachel Carson (the author) says that it is an exquisite beauty that someone can visit rarely. And that also it looked beautiful at night, especially in the full August moon, because you can see the moon, which she consider a luminous disk in the sky suspended in the shore. And when she entered into the shore she saw a different species such as colonies of soft corals, two starfishes. And also when she downs there, the place that she calls a magical zone she saw the specie, which she calls the most delicate and beautiful of all the shore’s inhabitants that are the flowers, that as she says that they are no plant, but animal, and there are a big variety of them., and she was amazed by its beauty, and fragility. On a beach, on the coast of Georgia she was walking over the sand at the moment of a sunset, she looked back at the where was the pool (shore) and the only sounds that she could hear at that moment was the wind and the birds, the ones who stood at the edge of the water, and at the last evening light the birds that she saw became no more than dark shadows. At the night she says that the shore is a different world in which the darkness hides the distraction of the daylight and focus the elemental reality. As she was walking on the beach at night she saw a ghost crab searching for beam of her torch. And suddenly at the night she heard no sound and saw no...
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