The Map Above Shows the Main Macquiladora Centers in Mexico in the Year 2000

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  • Published : November 11, 2012
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A. By definition, a maquiladora is an export processing or factory plant that is situated in Mexico, in a relative distance to the United States Border. The land where these Mexican factories are located maintain specific regulations so that the international corporations that run them accordingly and prevent heavy tax burdens.

B. Relative spatial distribution between maquiladoras is an imperative factor for determining success. In the listed map, it is evident that the maquiladoras are spatially distanced to border the territory based upon the demand of the area, and the access to major roadways and industrial regions. In the tip of Texas, there are more indications of maquiladoras because this area in Texas is heavily populated and there is an increased demand for the products that are being shipped from Mexico into the United States at ease. The largest indication lies on the Gulf of Mexico coast of both Mexico and the most southern part of the United States. This is due to the fact that supplies are being imported to the local port, and are processed nearby to prevent high costs.

C. Globalization in the industrial organizations is evident because of significant factors, including the Mexican involvement in the global economy. The rise of maquiladoras and processing opportunities has become a main resource for the industrial field. More Mexican citizens are becoming employed at factories, which is contributing to various industries. Cheap labor costs are also a contributing factor to the rise in industrial access in Mexico. The country has emerged as a key figure in the global system because cheap labor is abundant. The global system depends on labor, and if affordable labor is available, international companies will choose to access it. Additionally, Mexico is defined by access to oil and other resources due to their close distance to the Gulf of Mexico. The oil plots in the gulf are spatially near the country, and can be easily transported to...
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