The Many Sides of Boo Radley

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, Coming out Pages: 4 (1651 words) Published: March 21, 2012
The many sides of Boo Radley
Personality, or popularity of a person can make or break them. Those whom we know to be silly or a favorite among people are quite hard to forget. We also have those who never say much and let their work or actions speak for them. However, the people we never seem to notice are the ones who truly amaze us the most; such as the veiled character of Boo Radley in the book (To Kill A Mocking Bird). He was always mentioned in the book and never seen, yet, he intimidated and frightened the people of the town. It was only because of the gossip that surrounded him that the people were truly afraid of him. They were also afraid of him because he never came out of his house which only made the people make up more rumors about him. Nobody really knew the truth about Boo nor the other Radley’s. Boo and his family never followed the customs or daily routines that the rest of the people of Maycomb did and were use to everybody doing, and that also set them apart from everyone else and made them the target for rumors and ridicule. Even though they thought he was a bad mysterious person, deep down he was just a shy and helpful person who evolved the people’s mentality of him when he became a hero. Since Boo Radley was never seen, it was very easy for people to circulate untrue things about him. They were saying ridiculous things such as; he was an evil person and that his place was claimed to be inhabited by an unknown entity, he was also said to be a phantom with the mere description of whom was enough to make children behave for days on end. His house was darkened to the color of the slate-gray yard around it, it also had rain-rotted shingles and the oak trees kept the sun away. The pecans that fell from his tree into the school yard lay untouched because they were said to kill a person. They said that he existed but no one ever saw him, referring to him as a malevolent phantom saying that he only came out at night and when people’s...
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