The Many Forms of Art

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  • Published: August 2, 2008
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Running Head: The Many Forms of Art

The Many Forms of Art
June 10, 2008


For this assignment we are asked to give various definitions of the meaning of “Art”. After we have found these different definitions to the meaning of Art we are asked to give our own definition, and then we are asked to find an example to each of the various forms of art and tell why we think they are works of art, and what definition of art does the piece of art fit? I have found three definitions to the meaning of “Art”, and have placed an example to each of the different forms of art, with a description of the art work. Definitions of Art

Art –“For numerous reasons, the most difficult word to define without starting endless argument! Many definitions have been proposed. At least art involves a degree of human involvement — through manual skills or thought — as with the word "artificial," meaning made by humans instead of by nature. Definitions vary in how they divide all that is artificial into what is and is not art. The most common means is to rely upon the estimations of art experts and institutions.” (Delahunt, 1996-2007) Art with a capital A

“This is what Sir Ernst Gombrich writes in the very first sentences of his immensely popular The Story of Art, the million-selling handbook which went through sixteen editions since its first appearance in 1950: "There really is no such thing as Art. There are only artists. Once these were men who took colored earth and roughed out the forms of a bison on the wall of a cave; today some buy their paints, and design posters for the hoardings; they did and do many other things. There is no harm in calling all these activities art as long as we keep in mind that such a word may mean very different things in different times and places, and as long as we realize that Art with a capital A has no existence For Art with a capital A has come to be something of a bogey and a fetish."11

Art is an intrinsic part...
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