The Manifest Destiny Movement

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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With Antebellum America followed a desire for Manifest Destiny. The people soon wanted to own all of the land in the country and began moving west. While this westward movement seemed euphoric for the Americans, advertised nearly as a getaway from the already crowded east, such a feeling did not exist for the Indians. Manifest Destiny was an aggressive imperialism pursued at the expense of others due to the facts that it was made out to be an expansion prearranged by Heaven when it simply was the craving of more land, it took the Indians only home that was promised to them by a previous treaty, and when the Manifest Destiny movement was created, it entitled the American people ownership of the Indian’s themselves.

John O’Sullivan, an enthusiastic yet scheming columnist, was the first to coin the movement’s title. While he had not used the actual words “Manifest Destiny,” he was extremely close, predicting a “divine destiny.” It was only six years later, when writing an essay that he used the phrase of Manifest Destiny. While it has meant many things to people, Manifest Destiny has been translated as “an expansion prearranged by Heaven.” While it was used on advertisements for the new movement, the Democrats also used it to explain their need for expansion. Not only this, but the Democrats used it to justify the war with Mexico and even gain portions of Oregon from the British. While the common people of America may not have known much of it at the time, the government was crooked, exploiting the term and the movement, when honestly the movement did not include much good for anyone other than the Americans.

The group that the Manifest Destiny created the worst circumstances for was the Indians. The Indians had just previously been pushed west when the U.S. Congress passed an Act to regulate trade and intercourse with the Indians and to preserve peace of the frontiers. The act set aside all land west of the Mississippi River as permanent Indian Territory;...
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