The Mandation of School Uniforms in Public Schools

Topics: High school, Secondary school, College Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Mandating of Public School uniforms.
Middle school and high school is a place in time for pre-teen and adolescents to mature physically, mentally, academically and emotionally. Magazines, television, music and the uniqueness of sports players and celebrities have a big influence on the ideal image that the typical teenager has. Students often feel pressured to become popular and fit in with their peers, due to fashion and appearance. In spite of the individuality that each student possesses, public schools should mandate all students to wear uniforms to eliminate economic stress on parents, for the enhancement of school pride and to cease the effects of peer pressure and bullying. Although public schools already have a strict Dress Code policy, mandating school uniforms will improve students’ appearance and eliminate the economic stress on parents. Parents spend hundreds of dollars yearly to keep up with the latest fashion trends for their children. Unfortunately, low-income families are unable to afford such trends. This leaves room for conflict, disruptive behavior and disheartening attitudes from students. Children who are unable to wear expensive clothing may feel pressured and teased by their peers, resulting in poor attendance because they have “nothing to wear.” If all public schools were in agreement with a particular uniform, students’ attendance will increase. Some may argue that the cost of uniforms are expensive, but many retail stores such as Walmart, Target and Sears offer school uniforms in a wide selection for inexpensive prices. Also, with the decision of not wearing uniforms, buying more clothing would be way more expensive. High School students (ages 14-18) are at a point in their young lives where they want to have freedom of choice and express themselves in their own unique way. Opponents may argue that uniforms will prohibit this right for students. On the contrary, school uniforms will encourage students to have a sense of belonging and...
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