The Management of Your Free Time

Topics: Management, Personal life, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: April 19, 2013
The managment of Your free time

University students often complain that they have many things to do and they cannot manage their time very well. Some of them have to juggle several things at the same time such as working part-time, studying many subjects each week, doing homework, and participating in many extra-curricular activities. Unfortunately, several university students lack time management skills; thus, they are not very successful in studying. Therefore, they should follow the following suggestions to improve their time-management skills in order to handle their busy lifestyle successfully. First, university students have to allocate their time for three purposes: studying, working, and enjoying life. To manage their study time, they have to consider the amount, deadline and difficulty of homework that they have to finish each week and month. For example, a person has 10 assignments to do in this week, and he has time to clear all of his homework in 4 days. On the first day, he may finish three assignments, on the second day two assignments, on the third day three assignments, and on the fourth day two assignments. Finally, his homework will be finished on time. Conversely, if a person procrastinates and thinks that he will finish all in one day , his homework will never be finished. If you can finish your homework on time, you will not get stressed or nervous. You will have time to do something else, such as reading a book, revising your lessons and preparing yourself for examinations. Second, to manage their working time, they have to think that how many day-off each week and month. They may have three day-off during the week. They may determine to go for work for two days and to relax for one day. Skipping classes is not a good idea for the university students. You have to use your time-management skill for arranging your time appropriately. For example, a person has three days-off each week, he consider to work as a part-time job student at...
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