The Management of Grief” and “and of Clay Are We Created”

Topics: Character, Protagonist, Ancient Greek theatre Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: December 6, 2010
Comparison and Contrast of “The Management of Grief” and “And of Clay Are We Created”

Introduction missing……
The main characters in “And of Clay Are We Created” and of “Management of Grief” differ in many ways. In “Management of Grief”, Shaila Bhave is the main character who is a 36 year old Indian Hindu Canadian woman that lost her husband and two sons in a plane crash to India. On the other hand, the main character in “And Clay are we created” is Rolf Clarke who is a middle age TV reporter, first to arrive at the mud slide disaster caused by volcanic activities that tries to save a girl trapped in the mud. The difference of both characters separates them from one another. While one character is a reporter at the scene trying to save life the other is dealing with the grief of her lost ones and helping a social worker with the families of the crash. “This should be paragraph 2” The tone and point of view of “And of Clay Are We Created “and “Management of grief” differs from one another. “The Management of Grief” is narrated in the third person limited by the main character Shaila. In contrast, the other is narrated in the first person in a very unique way and is told by the main character’s lover as witness miles away, through television with unedited access. The tone of “And of Clay Are We Created” is melancholy throughout the story. It gives the sense of gloom “the sky is weeping” as murmured by Azucena as she begins to cry. Unlike in “The Management of Grief” the tone is more subtle through the voice of Shaila. The narrator has a more rational view of the events and delivers it with calmness. “This should be paragraph 1” ….. A transitional sentence between the difference and similarity paragraph should be here. ……

The characters in “And of Clay Are We Created” and “The Management of Grief” are quite similar in repressed feelings towards the tragic events of their lives. In beginning of “And of Clay Are We Created” the narrator describes Rolf Carle to...
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