The Man Who Was Almost a Man

Topics: Mother, Father, Tell Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: October 12, 2010
The Man Who Was Almost a Man by Richard Write is a story about a seventeen year old boy named Dave who refers to himself as “almost a man”. He is very immature and is not respected. Dave wanted to buy a gun to prove that he was not a little boy and so that he could get the respect that a man would get. Throughout the story Dave was frustrated that he felt he was almost a man yet, no one except himself realized that. This is why he felt if he could get a gun it would give him power. Instead of gaining him the respect he wanted, it instead lead him to more trouble and less respect than he already had.

In the beginning of the story Dave works for old man Hawkins on his farm. His mom gets him up every morning to work in the plow fields. His mom doesn’t think he is grown up enough to keep up with his money, so she keeps it for him. Dave wants to become a “man”, so he plans how to get a gun. He constantly thinks about how buying a gun will make an adult. He feels that the gun will give him the power of a man. He wants the people in the field to respect him. He also feels that his mother does not treat him like an adult and the gun would make her treat him as one.

Dave goes down to old man Hawkins’ store and tells him he wants a gun. In surprise, old man Hawkins has one that he would like to sell for two dollars so Dave borrows the Sears catalogue to bring home and show his mom. Dave doesn’t have money, so he plans to ask his mother to get money. Dave is too scared to ask his father for fear of rejection. His mother thinks that he is totally insane and wonders why he needs a gun. He keeps telling his mom that it can be for his dad since they don’t have one at the house. After begging and pleading like a little baby, his mother finally agrees to allow Dave to buy a gun but under the conditions that he must bring it straight back to her after he buys it and return it to her every night before he goes to bed. That night, he sleeps with the gun by putting the gun...
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