The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Analytical)

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Rough Draft Movie Analysis

The movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance directed by John Ford is not as simple as black and white which the movie is shot in. The movie is more complex, it shows the struggle between two foes the old west and the new west. To represent the new west is Ranse and to represent the old west is Tom. In the school house scene John Ford emphasizes the differences of the old and new west but he also reveals the similarities between these two forces.

The school house scene shows that the new west has gained power gradually because of Ranse being the teacher of the school. By Ranse representing the new west he becomes more powerful in this scene, Ford shows Ranse’s power by him wearing a dark suit this allows more contrast to the barren white walls of the school house. By adding more contrast to Ranse it helps him stand out and seem the focus of attention in this scene, giving him more of an edge compared to the students who are wearing grey. Another reason why the new west is gaining power, when Ranse entered the school room every one of his pupils stood up including the adults showing respect to their teacher. The students also listened intently to every word Ranse was saying because Ford showed the reaction shots of the students obediently doing what Ranse ordered. A man who was smoking in the back of the school room and Ranse told him there was no smoking allowed the man apologetically stomped on the cigarette like he was embarrassed he had been scolded by Ranse. These little hints that Ford purposely conceals in this scene give away that the new west finally is some competition towards the old west and Tom.

Even though the old and new west has a few similarities there are some differences, Ford shows this by the two different values each one of them have. The new west values are equality and enlightenment, Ford symbolizes all of these traits in the school house scene. Ford symbolizes equality because Ranse does not only teach...
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