The Man That Is Atticus Finch

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  • Published : October 9, 2011
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The man that is Atticus Finch
Atticus finch was a very respected man in Maycomb County. When people spoke to him, there was a tone in their voice that plainly submitted to him. In “To Kill A Mockingbird” Atticus Finch was more than worthy of the respect that was given by the town of Maycomb. Atticus was well-educated. He was a very intelligent individual. He read almost inceassantly, and exercised his mind on the inquiries that were constantly made by his children. He was undeniably smarter than several of his fellow townspeople. Atticus Finch was a very well-educated person. Mr. Finch was raising two kids on his own. With his wife having been dead ever since scout was still in infancy, Atticus was the only one left to raise his children. This is with the exception of Calpurnia, an African-American woman who cooked and cleaned for the Finches. Everybody had respect for him atleast because he was alone as a parent. A lot of me at that time would remarry simply because they didin’t want to raise their children alone, but Atticus Finch did ot do so. He was very independent.

Now other than the fact that Atticus was a very distinguished lawyer, he was also a state representative. He was a very busy and important man to his town as well as his state. Mr. Finch was constantly away for meetings with legislation, and when in town, was at his office. He was probably very respected by the more understanding people for defending a lost case. These people probably understood that it was his duty as a lawyer to defend whoever he was asked to. Even if it was Tom Robinson. This is yet another reason for Atticus Finch to be so highly respected.

All of the respectable qualities of Atticus Finch are presented through his lifestyle. He was probably the most respected man in Maycomb County, and he was more than worthy of his given respect.
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