The Man Stepped on Something

Topics: Foot Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: October 9, 2012
The man stepped on something whitish, and then felt the bite on his foot. Leap forward, and turning with an oath that he saw a yaracacusú, coiled on itself, expecting another attack. He cast a quick glance at his feet, where two droplets of blood swelled painfully, and took the knife from the waist. The snake saw the threat, and the head sank lower in the center of your spiral, but the machete fell back, dislocating the vertebrae. The man fell to the bite, droplets of blood removed, and for a moment looked. A sharp pain born of two purple dots, and began to invade the entire foot. Hastily ligated ankle with his handkerchief and continued by the bite to his ranch. The increased foot pain, feeling of taut bulge, and the man suddenly felt two or three stitches flashing like lightning, had radiated from the wound to the mid-calf. Difficulty moving the leg, a metal dry throat, followed by burning thirst, tore a new oath. Finally reached the ranch and fell in arms over a mill wheel. The two purple dots disappear now in the whole monstrous foot swelling. The skin was thinned and about to give up, to tense. He wanted to call his wife, and his voice broke into a hoarse throat parched drag. The devouring thirst. - Dorothy! He managed to throw in a rattle. Give me caña1!

His wife ran with a full glass, sipped man in three gulps. But it felt like one. - I asked cane, not water! Roared again. Give me cane!
- But is sugarcane, Pauline! The woman protested, horrified. - No, you gave me water! I cane, I say!
She ran again, returning to the demijohn. The man swallowed two glasses one after another, but he felt nothing in the throat. Well, this gets ugly then muttered, looking at his feet livid and gangrenous and luster. On the deep tissue ligation, meat overflowing like a monstrous sausage. Lightning pains flowed in continuous flashes and now came to the groin. The terrible dry throat that seemed warm breath more, increased pace. When tried to sit up, a fulminating vomiting...
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