The Man of Your Dreams

Topics: English-language films, Want, American films Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: November 10, 2010
I am a confident, secure and independent man. I'm extremely happy with myself and my life, but looking for something that is exciting and new. I am 6`1``, 200 pounds and a bundle of excitement and surprises. I love smoking, drinking and having rewarding sleep over's that end with happy endings. I enjoy Jager Bombs, happy hour, good food, road-tripping, concerts, hitting the bars on the weekend, cookouts and anything that involves drinking too much with the opposite sex. I have a tendency to be stubborn, hard-headed, straight forward, blunt and very direct. That cut's out all the nonsense and bullshit that isn't very important anyway.

I'm not looking for a soul-mate or to spend the rest of my life with someone. I think spending your life with one person is over-rated and has a high percentage of ending in disaster. I am interested in finding someone who enjoys body shots, kissing other women, drinking way too much, gambling and making immature, stupid and sinful decisions. I have a ridiculously good sense of humor and can gurantee that you will have the time of your life. As far as how you must look? If we meet at the beginning of the date you need to be smoking hot with an amazing body. If we meet towards the end of the evening, there are no standards to speak of. By that point I will be more than hammered and will not remember anything anyway. I just ask that you be gone by the time I wake up the following morning. Under no circumstances will I meet your family. That's a step towards commitment that I refuse to take. I do not want to hold hands, see a movie, take long walks on the beach, read poetry, lie in bed and listen to rain, talk for hours on the phone, or even exchange numbers for that matter.

I'm the guy your parents warned you about and the one your friends will envy you for.( If you want to bring a friend with you, I highly and strongly encourage the idea.) So if you find yourself in need of a...
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