The Man of the Property (Soam's Character)

Topics: The Forsyte Saga, Marriage, John Galsworthy Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: March 11, 2012
The man of the property

The Man of Property is very interesting novel. It gives us the description about the society in nineteenth century which most of the people in polite society had to own things. This story focuses on Forstye family.The strong interest to this novel is about the character of Soames Forstye who called as ‘The Man of Property’. It stimulates the writer to explore further about the psychological aspect of Soames Forstye. The aim of study are first, to know and describe what is The Man of Property like and second, to know and describe why Old Jolyon chose to Soames as ‘The man of Property”. In completing this scientific research paper, the writer uses the library research, reads the novel “The Man of Property”, dictionaries, collects from theinternet and books that have connetion with the subject, analyze data, and make a conclusion. By reading this novel the writer loves the story and interested in character “Soames Forstye”. Soames Forstye as ‘The Man of Property’ has big desire to own all beautiful things. Soames Forstye is an ambitious, selfish, clever, and careful man. That is a reason why Old Jolyon chose him as “The Man of Property’. Therefore, in this scientific research paper, the writer seeks more deeply about “Soames Forstye” from psychological approach.

Soames Forsyte was modelled after Arthur Galsworthy, the writer's cousin. Soames is married to beautiful and rebellious Irene. The incident, when Soames rapes his wife, was supposedly based on Ada Galsworthy's experience with her former husband Arthur. Soames, a second-generation Forsyte, is therefore showing his status by building property. Soames’ uncle Jolyon says at one point, “I don’t know what Soames is about … to make a fuss over a few hundred pounds. I thought he was a man of property.” (page 258). Thus, being a man of property is a status symbol to that generation. To Soames’s surprise, his wife and others in his generation don’t seem to grasp the impact of this...
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