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The Maltese Falcon

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Paragraph 2
First of all, Brigid ends up wasting her entire life due to the decisions she made, the lies she told, and the people she trusted while searching for the falcon which results in her ending up in jail for 20 years to life. -One of the biggest reasons why Brigid ends up going to jail is because she went to Samuel Spade and trusted him into helping her find the falcon and split the money. The only problem is that Samuel Spade is a detective, and once he finds out that it was really Brigid that killed his partner and Floyd, as well as when he discovers that the falcon is a fake, he decides to turn her in. Spade states, “I’m a detective and expecting me to run criminals down and then let them go free is like asking a dog to catch a rabbit and let it go. It can be done, all right, and sometimes it is done, but it’s not the natural thing.” (214) -Samuel Spade ended up turning Brigid into the police was due to the fact that she killed Spade’s partner as well as Floyd. Sam states, “When a man’s partner is killed he’s supposed to do something about it. It doesn’t make any difference what you thought of him. He was your partner and you’re supposed to do something about it.” (213-214) -Also, because Brigid has told so many lies and stories to Spade, he can no longer trust Brigid if you were to let her go, and therefore she would always have something against him to use if she ever wanted to. You can tell that she is a liar right from the beginning of the novel since she says, “That – that story I told you yesterday was all – a story.” (33) Spade begins to catch onto her lies when she says, “I’m afraid of you, and that’s the truth.” Spade replies, “That’s not the truth.” (86). finally on page 88 Brigid admits to Spade that she is a liar, she says, “I am a liar” and, “I have always been a liar.” -Spade says, “Since I’ve also got something on you, I couldn’t be sure you wouldn’t decide to shoot a hole in me some day.” (214) -Finally because Spade says that he is...

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