The Malaysian Issues of Teens and Sexuality.

Topics: Adolescence, Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy Pages: 1 (413 words) Published: November 13, 2012
The Malaysian issues of teens and sexuality.
Teen pregnancies have been a virus that recently sprung out in Malaysia; it is only more recently that we have seen the growth and its severity affecting the youth. Are Malaysian teen not receiving enough sex education causing the statistic to rise even further? This question how teen pregnancy has evolved and how times have changed bringing upon a serious social issue. To begin, the statistic provided by Ministry of Health (MOH) published by The STAR newspaper (22th September 2012), there are 18,532 pregnant teens age ranged from 10-19 years old in the year 2011. There are 4222 that were unmarried. It is more than 30 % pregnant teens that were unmarried. The statistics also show a drastic rise between the number of pregnancies and unwed teenagers. As teenager become more sexually active, doctors and the MOH are sounding over the increase in the rate; we often ask is having “it” worth it? Most sexual activity that happens to teenagers below 20 years old, leads not only to unwanted pregnancies but also cases like baby dumping and also illegal abortion. Getting pregnant is only the beginning; there would be more decision to make and choices to choose from further down the road. Pregnancies among teenager mostly begin with the talk of sexual activity. According to the article “Porn story service a teen bestseller” complied by Winnie Yeoh of The Star Online, the Malaysian teenager get erotic contents on their the world moves to a modern era, the youngsters were subscribing to an Indonesian pornographic story on their smart phones for RM 17 a week. They would gather and talk about it while feasting on the dirty pictures. This is one of the reason why more and more of them would fall into the teenage pregnancy trap. When interviewed, Rosli (not his real name) states that they were unaware of the consequences of free sex and not using contraception. The social change that leads to this is most of the time related...
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