The Making of a Corporate Athlete Reading Reponse

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  • Published : September 7, 2012
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Loehr and Schwartz Reading Response
Lisa Veller
The article, The Making of a Corporate Athlete, by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz, discusses the Ideal Performance State, that athletes and executives alike need to reach in order to sustain performance over time. (Loehr & Schwartz, 2001) Executives need to maintain overall health and “train” for success, similar to athletes. Loehr and Schwartz developed techniques similar to that athletes use to reach optimum performance, and have tested these techniques on thousands of executives. (Loehr & Schwartz, 2001) They found these executives not only improved their performance, but enhanced their happiness and health. (Loehr & Schwartz, 2001) Lastly, Loehr and Schwartz provide details concerning their approach, as well as offer examples and outcomes from executive they “trained”. Major Points

The Making of a Corporate Athlete contains valuable information and provides a detailed outline concerning how to reach your ideal performance state. The main points in this article expand on the importance of one’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity. According to Loehr and Schwartz, executives must tap into positive energy at all levels to enable optimum long-term performance. (Loehr & Schwartz, 2001) Therefore, executives, similar to athletes, need to maintain their overall health and use their full range of capacities to thrive and emerge successful. Improving your physical capacity through exercise and eating healthy can improve your performance and stamina at work. Those who eat right and exercise daily feel better and are capable of withstanding the pressures of the job, as well as create a balance in their lives. Negative emotions in business can affect performance. The happier you are the happier the people around you are, ad as an executive or in a management position, it is important to stay positive and not give off a negative aura. Exercising can also help reduce tension and enable a...
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