The Making and Use of Pina Fabric

Topics: Yarn, Piña, Embroidery Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Sentence Outline
Thesis statement: Piña fabric, which came from pineapple, leaves that undergone a six-stage process, was used as a material for a lot of things, and was an industry that contributed to Philippine economy.

I. The pineapple fiber used in making the piña cloth came from the native variety of pineapples, the red Spanish. [TO BE CHECKED. MAKE A MORE GENERAL HEAING FOR PINA’S HISTORY.]

II. The piña cloth, that delicate, precious fabric, is the amazing result of tedious labor and saintly patience. A. There are basically six stages in making a piña cloth. 1. The six stages in making the piña cloth start with planting. 2. The second stage is hand-stripping or pag-kigui. 3. The knotting or pagpanug-ot is the third stage.

4. Warping, or pag-sab-ong is the fourth stage of piña cloth making. 5. The fifth stage is bobbining or pag-talingyas.
6. The last stage in making piña cloth is weaving. B. More intricate and elaborate design compositions are done on the piña fabric through embroidery, dyeing, crocheting, and suk-suk. 1. The traditional garments made from piña cloth were ornamented with embroidery so as to make them more competitive in the market. 2. Crocheting also became popular as an additive to a more intricately designed piña cloth. 3. Dyeing, or coloring the fabric, is the newest, most elegant, yet simplest way of decorating piña cloth. 4. Piña cloth was usually embellished with designs done in suk-suk.

III. Piña, which was known as a material for barongs and gowns, was also used today as a material for other handicrafts and quality things. A. Barong, a symbol of national pride of Filipino men, is made from piña cloth, and is also elaborately embroidered with geometric designs, and dyed with neutral and vibrant colors. B. The upper part of baro’t saya is made from piña cloth, thus making it a little stiff but still soft and comfortable...
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