The Majors Book Report

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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Thesis: To show the lives of four enlisted army officers, from World War II up to the Vietnam War.
The book The Majors is one of a nine book series named Brotherhood of War. The Majors is book number three in the series. Through out this series the author (W.E.B Griffin) is trying to give people a better understanding of certain aspects of periods of time, the ranking system in the United States Military, and the life of four army officers. These officers where real people, but i have come to the assumption that they mean more than just people, but they stand for the military as a whole in these time periods.

These time periods in this series as a whole take place over the 1940’s, 1950’s, and 1960’s. The 1940’s where dominated by World War 2. With the war was also the Great Deppresion and this coincided with the war very closely. In the 50’s was the transition out of the war and depression, but brought along another issue known as the Baby Boom. The 60’s was an age of youth and a “rebirth” so to speak as a new generation began to mature and take hold in society.

The author came with a great task to describe and capture the civilian and military life of these four characters. He captured this task through many intense interviews as well as a team of researchers to help validate their statements. In these books they tell of many secret missions that people have yet to know. The author takes extensive time to describe and redescribe the characters and their collegues. He also takes note of some of the little things that the average person may not know of, such as describeing a plane, or a term. As any military book it is very graphic in detail and contains vulgar detail.

To fully understand the point of the author in The Majors then you must have some brief history of the other books. The first book in this series Brotherhood of War is The Lieutenats. The Lieutenants is based in North Africa, Germany, and Greece from 1942 till 1950. The second book in...
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