The Major Transition Seen in the Story of Tom Brennan

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  • Published : September 21, 2009
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The major transition seen in the story of Tom Brennan is from the start of the novel where Tom is isolated to see him develop to his renewed self, their fore successfully transitioned into the world. The audience first see’s this transition when he speaks to his sister Kylie. Often people look to others for support and help for a successful transition into the world. Another major transition is the physical running with Brennan which is metaphorical for training to enter a new world. This transition is described by J.C.Burke in descriptive language, dialogue, metaphors and idiomatic first person narration. In the movie crash by Paul Haggis and the RTA ad ghost boy explore similar techniques to display successful and unsuccessful transitions into the world.

Burke uses descriptive language in order for the audience to relate to Toms inner struggles with guilt. Guilt can be the most destructive emotion and disables any hope of transitioning into the world. Burke describes Toms guilt as “that night was etched into the bones of my skull” this shows the audience the pernancy of the memory and the pain and suffering endured with the memory. The audience feels at this point of the book that Tom will not transition into the world. But in comparing this quote to the final quote “and that’s the day Tom Brennan came back forever” shows a triumph that the imagery of having memories “etched into the bones of my skull” contrasts and shows that the transition was possible. However some individuals have these etched memories remaining in the bones of [their] brain an example in the RTA ad ghost boy where the main character keeps seeing the boy he killed in a car crash. Numerous life occasions of the man show his guilt and pain through the destructive expression on his face. It is evident that the transition into the world was not made for the main character in ghost boy as the memory of killing the little boy is still “etched” into his life and mind. This must be over come...