The Major Similarities and Differencea Between Islam and Science

Topics: Evolution, Universe, Life Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: October 28, 2010
1 Saquiba Mazaree C/o Asma Sabir Writing & Communication (SS 100) 05-10-2010. Evolution versus Creationism

The origin of life and the universe is explained by two basic theories i.e. the evolutionary theory and the creationist theory. Firstly, the evolutionists say that the universe evolved from nothing into what it is today on its own. The creationists, on the other hand, say that God made this universe into the way it is. Secondly, the evolutionists believe that man, like everything else on earth, evolved from water, while the creationists say that God made Adam and Eve from clay. Although these differences exist between creationists and evolutionists, it is worthwhile to note that their theories are quite similar when it comes to the process of the formation of the universe and the start of life on this planet. Many evolutionists explain the formation of the universe by using the ‘Big Bang Theory’. As per this theory, the universe came into existence around 13.7 billion years ago as a ‘singularity’. Singularities are zones of such intense gravitational pressure and density that their existence defies the current rules of physics. They are said to exist at the core of black holes. Black holes are areas of intense gravitational pressure. The pressure in the core of these black holes is said to be so intense that it squishes finite matter into infinite density. These zones of infinite density are called singularities. Our universe is said to have started off as one such singularity, which, after its initial appearance began to expand and cool off and, over the years, evolved into what it is today 1. Despite the fact that the universe came into existence around 13.7 billion years ago, life on earth actually began around 4 billion years ago 2. The first living organisms on earth, as per Wikipedia, were

1 2

Big bang ( the entire paragraph is a summarization from this reference) Wikipedia

2 single celled organisms that resembled the...
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