The Major Physical Features of Switzerland: Snow, Mountains, and Trees

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  • Published : February 24, 2013
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The major physical features of my country are Snow, Mountains, and Trees. My political borders and my neighbors are Germany, France, Italy, and Austria. My country is not peace of war with any of the other countries. The major natural resources of my country are hydropower potential, timber, and salt. The major cities in my country are Basel, Geneva, and Lausanne. The purpose of there location are Basel, the oldest university town in Switzerland, is a markedly open city. Geneva, the smallest metropolis in the world, is characterized by its international population, and Lausanne the Olympic capital is built on three hills. The last significant events to occur in my country are the Basel Events and Basel Festivals. My country has a high GDP because- Switzerland’s Gross Domestic Product is the value of all final goods and services produced within the nation's borders. The rate of GDP growth is used as a gauge of the overall health of the Swiss economy. If growth rates are high and sustained the economy is said to be undergoing a boom. If the economy experiences consistent low growth or negative growth then it is said to be in a recession. The major religions practiced in my country. Is Catholicism With over three million adherents, the Roman Catholic Church is the majority in Switzerland and is obviously extremely well-represented throughout the country. It is the dominant religion in the rural cantons and the cities that experienced a wave of immigration from Southern Europe in the 1970s. The major source of employment in my country is Emerging Markets Trader. Has the U.S. been involved with this country for some reason other then that of trading partner? No it hasn’t. My country is not a threat to the other countries.
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