The Major Events of the Novel True Grit, by Charles Portis.

Topics: Gang, Bloods, Los Angeles Pages: 4 (1730 words) Published: September 1, 2012
(1). The major events of the novel True Grit, by Charles Portis.

The first major event is the thing that leads to everything else in the novel. The cold blooded murder of the father of Mattie Ross by Tom Chaney, in Ft Smith, Arkansas.

The next major event is Mattie hiring US Marshall Rooster Cogburn to hunt down Chaney and bring him back to Ft Smith to hang for the murder of her father. As it turns out, just after she hired Rooster, a Texas Ranger shows up in Ft Smith, by the name of LaBoeuf, who is also on the trail of Chaney for the murder of a State Senator in Texas. He meets up with Rooster, and when the latter learns of the much larger reward being offered from people in Texas, he agrees to let LaBoeuf team up with he and Mattie. At first she does not approve of this, but eventually she agrees to the arrangement.

The next major event takes place during their tracking of Chaney into the Indian Nations. The come upon a sod cabin built into the side of a bank above a river and plan to spend the night there to get out of the cold weather. The cabin is occupied however by 2 nefarious men, one of which is known to Rooster. Since the 2 men do not welcome their arrival, Rooster concocts a plan to flush them out. After taking the two men prisoner, Rooster questions them about Chaney and a notorious local outlaw gang leader named "Lucky" Ned Pepper. When one of them who happened to be wounded, starts to talk, the other one grabs a knife and stabs him. Rooster shoots and kills the man who stabbed the other, and soon the latter man also passes away from the knife wound. They find several saddled horses in a corral nearby and guess the two men were waiting there for Ned and his gang to give them fresh horses. The decide to wait on the hills above the cabin, Rooster and Mattie on one side, and Laboeuf on the other. Just before daybreak, Ned and his gang show up. The subsequent ambush does not go as planned, and while they kill Ned's right hand man, Haze, and...
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