The Majestic

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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The Majestic
Why does history repeat itself? The Majestic written by Michael Sloane is about a young movie writer named Peter is on his way to becoming a famous movie writer who was innocently named as a communist. As a result of Peter being a communist he endures fear, isolation, injustice and accusations because of Americans anxiety for suffering the same consequences.

Peter’s career ended since he was named as a communist and the studio knew that it would affect their business. He lost his movie and his job so he was left with nothing else. Fear is the reason why he is dealing with the consequences. The secretary that worked for him even tried not to talk to him. On that one scene she said “I’m not even supposed to be talking to you” Peter’s face looked unbelievable and confused at the same time. He was losing everything in a split second unknowingly. The secretary thought that if she continued to talk to him she would also lose her job. Once Peter had left the office he tried to talk to one of the members at the studio but they did not try to help him. They thought that if they kept him around it would end their business. So they dropped his contract which ended his career for the time being. Also his movie star girlfriend, Sandra Sinclair abandons him so she does not lose her career as a movie star. Peter also had another girlfriend her name was Lucille Angstran. She was the one who named him so she could get out of trouble. This whole situation is a repeat of what happened in the Salem Witch Trials. People were accused of being witches and had to endure a great amount of consequences which were more terrifying then what Peter had went through.

After Peter was accused for being a communist he put up with losing everything and being secluded from everyone. Peter lost his job and his girlfriend. He was abandoned by society because of terror from the government. This has been happening over history like the Salem Witch Trials and the Writer...
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