The Main Theme of the Story Sister Imelda

Topics: Thought, Mind, Psychology Pages: 2 (751 words) Published: May 11, 2013
In Sister Imelda there are many themes that could be presented as the “main theme” of the story, however, there is one point that stands above the rest. The main problem a reader has to address in Sister Imelda is whether or not Imelda is truly dedicated to her vocation as a sister or if she simply could never adapt to life outside the convent. This contributes to the main point of the story being the lack of conviction Imelda has for her vocation. At the beginning of the story Imelda has just returned from some time spent outside the convent and the fact that she has returned surprises the narrator, who cannot imagine living out the rest of her existence in the convent. In fact, the narrator hates the convent and talks to her best friend frequently about the day they will leave forever. The only reason her feelings change is when the relationship between Sister Imelda and herself develops into a clandestine romance. Suddenly, the narrator has a reason to stay at the convent and realizes she is going to have to make a big decision. Even though the narrator has begun to think about staying in the convent to be with the woman she loves, she still yearns for the outside world, which could even guide the reader into thinking that the only person within the relationship who is truly serious about it would have to be Imelda. As the relationship between the two women is implied to have become more and more physical with fleeting kisses and secret meetings, Imelda begins to talk more and more to the narrator about wanting her to stay and live out their lives in the convent together forever. This puts more and more pressure on the narrator and this is the point where the reader might question why exactly Sister Imelda is so hell-bent on staying in the convent where she has to keep her love a secret, as opposed to the outside world where the two wouldn’t have to be as secretive, even if being openly lesbian wasn’t exactly socially acceptable. This...
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